A Real Fish Story

   Last Saturday morning, our grandson and I went fishing at the little pond behind our house.  We were doing quite well as I would bait the hook, throw it out, and Grayson would reel in the fish.  We had caught about a dozen little blue gills, but during the entire time, we could see a few large bass swimming near the shore – but they were not the least bit interested in our worms that we dangled in front of them.   Later, as Grayson was reeling in one small bluegill, the big bass lunged toward his bluegill, swallowed it, took off and broke the line.   We still could see the bobber floating around on top wherever the big bass went.   Connie ( who can verify this entire story) was adamant that somehow I had to get the hook out of the fishes mouth – so we had to be creative.   I tied on a much larger hook to the broken line, and on the third cast, snagged the bobber and the bass, and brought him to shore!   The bass was about twenty inches long, and we decided he was the granddaddy of all the fish in the pond!

   Sound hard to believe?  It is a true story – it actually happened! (ask Connie)   And so is this story… Jesus died upon the cross and came back to life again and later sent the Holy Spirit to live within us – sounds hard to believe, but is a true story!    God still sends us surprises of joy!  Take a moment to smile and enjoy the life and the little God moments He has planned
for you!  
Pastor Larry
PLarry Fish 1
PLarry Fish 2