Building vs. Mission

Yesterday I sat in on a meeting with several other church members discussing the design, purpose, and functionality of our new proposed Worship Center.   We talked about some mundane issues such as height of the Chancel area, placement of steps, doors, walls, lighting, screens, and floor pockets.   But it was exciting to strategize and visualize what the front of our Worship Center may look like as we create areas for choirs, praise bands, drama presentations, special concerts, and the most effective ways to communicate the gospel of Christ. 

   Even though there was a sense of expectation and realization of what will occur in the months to come, I quickly realized that our ministry is not about a building, but a mission.   The building is only a place to do ministry and experience the power and presence of God’s love.   The new building will be an even greater tool to share and be Christ to others is a way that attracts them to the Kingdom of God.   We are not only building a new addition which includes a Worship Center, but also we are building up the Body of Christ to be stronger in our outreach to the community and to the world.  Thank you for being a part of the journey.
Pastor Larry