Family Matters!

  Last evening, Connie and I drove up to the big metropolis of Summitville, Indiana (just north of Anderson) to share a cook-out meal with my two brothers and their wives. Ken and his wife, also named Connie (which makes it quite interesting at family gatherings) have always lived in central Indiana. But my older brother, Jim and his wife Tina, have lived in Indy, the Virgin Islands, Southern California and most recently in Oregon. Jim just retired, and he and Tina bought a large upscale fifth wheel trailer and they are camping, or glamping is more accurate, around the United States for the next 18 months. Sitting around the table with them brought back a flood of memories of when we were much younger (but they both looked so old now!) Story after story, memory after memory was shared about the farm, our parents, and different experiences we lived through together. It was family at its best, and I loved it! In a few weeks, Jim and Tina will be leaving Indiana and exploring more destinations unknown. My hunch is that I will cherish the meals and times we had together, then and now, because we do not know how many more gatherings there will be with just the six of us. Family matters! Go out and make a new memory with your family today!
Pastor Larry