One: Unity in Christ

ONE: Unity in Christ is our fifth annual church-wide sermon and small group series as a congregation. Jesus prayed for unity (John 17), the earliest Christians experienced unity (Acts 2 & 4), and the apostle Paul encouraged first century Christians to live united, including in his letter to the believers in Ephesus, “make every effort to keep yourselves united in the Spirit, binding yourselves together with peace. For there is ONE body and ONE Spirit, just as you have been called to ONE glorious hope for the future” (Ephesians 4:3-4 NLT). Our efforts to be a people united in heart and mind as Avon UMC include the ONE: Unity in Christ series. The sermons will focus on unity, as the small group videos, journal (devotional), and group discussions will connect with the feature film, Woodlawn. The Woodlawn film was directed by the same brothers who directed the I Can Only Imagine movie. The ONE small group series was produced by the same ministry that produced the I Can Only Imagine series we used for our 2019 church-wide series.
Below is a description of the ONE: Woodlawn Study small group videos:
Amidst problems of racial tension in a Woodlawn school in Birmingham, AL, in 1973, a spiritual revival that starts with unlikely people transforms the school and the community. Join Dave Stone and Dr. Tony Evans in the ONE Study that examines this revival a way that could impact your own life and bring reconciliation and hope to local schools, our church, and community. The small group videos feature powerful scenes and exclusive footage from the movie Woodlawn. ONE prepares your heart to experience and embrace a move of God.
You can actively participate in the series as we make every effort to be united in Christ:
Watch the Woodlawn movie
– Rent the movie and watch it at home through Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Vudu, YouTube, or Google Play.
Participate Weekly
– Join us online or in person for worship services on Sunday mornings.
– Watch the small group series episodes on YouTube.
– Discuss the sermons and videos as part of a small group or with a spouse or friend.
– Use either The Woodlawn Journal or the Your Faith Journey portion of the weekly Worship Guide on the Avon UMC website as a daily devotional throughout the series.
– Pray for unity.
If you would like to purchase The Woodlawn Journal use the following link:
Use the following link for the weekly Your Faith Journey scripture reading plan throughout the ONE: Unity in Christ series:

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Week Two: The Path of Discipleship

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