The Real Story

   Everyone is asking why?   Why did he do it?   What could have prompted and motivated a young man to go into a church for a Bible study, and actually sit at the table with people of color for about an hour, and then take out a gun and shoot nine of them to death?   Was it mental illness?  Was it a hatred for people of a different skin color?  Was it a sick ploy to gain attention to his own fears?


I, and many others, have no idea what caused this young man to do what he did, but I can tell you what the real story and attention is on today.   It is not the shooter, but the forgiveness from the church people who lost loved ones and how they did not return evil for evil, but have shown a true love and forgiveness for their fellow man – even though he took someone from them that they dearly loved.   This is God’s love in action!  This is a testimony to the world of what the power of God can do with a life that is in union with Him.   Pray for them, but also may we learn from them as examples of believers of Christ in the world today who are living with a passion to please our God regardless of what trials they may face.

Pastor Larry