Your Faith Journey 10

Your Faith Journey

Worship – Genesis 4 reveals that Adam and Eve’s sons brought offerings to God, which could be considered the first recorded acts of worship within the Bible. What are you offering God as a way to express your gratitude? 

Serve & Give – This week, July 1st – 8th, we have a special opportunity to bless three families in need who will be guests at AUMC as we partner with Family Promise of Hendricks County. Thank you to everyone who has signed up to serve them! Please pray for the families each day throughout the week.

Develop – You’re encouraged to read 1 chapter from the Old Testament book of wisdom called, “Proverbs,” each day throughout the month of July. There are 31 Proverbs and 31 days this month, so consider reading Chapter 1 on July 1st, Chapter 2 on July 2nd, etc. As you read, pray for God to reveal a word, phrase, or verse that is a message specifically for you.