Your Faith Journey 20

Your Faith Journey

Worship God – Jesus said, “love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind” (Matthew 22:37 NLT). Worshiping God includes your attitude, thoughts, and how your life is lived in response to God’s love. He loves you. Do you love God?
Connect & Grow in a Group – Do you know the basic beliefs of Christianity? Consider joining Pastor Rob for a 6-session small group experience beginning the last Sunday of April to explore What Christians Believe and learn why. You can join the group on Sunday mornings (4/28-6/2) at 11:00 am in Room 200/201 across from the Gym/Multi-purpose Room.
Develop as a Disciple – What is the Holy Habit (spiritual discipline) that you need to begin in these final weeks leading to Easter? Fasting (Matthew 6:16-18)? Praying (Matthew 7:7-11)? Studying what Jesus said and did, and living according to what you learn (Matthew 7:24-27)? Jesus instructed the apostle John to, “write in a book everything you see” (Revelation 1:11). Perhaps you should start writing down the ways you experience God working in your life within a journal. Mark 4:38 reveals that Jesus was sleeping on a boat while he and the disciples sailed through a storm. Do you need some rest? Maybe you need to schedule a day of rest and recreation each week.