Your Faith Journey 25

Your Faith Journey

Worship GodMatthew 28:8-9 reveals that when Mary Magdalene and another Mary saw the resurrected Jesus on Easter morning near the empty tomb where he had been buried, they ran to him, bowed, and placed their hands upon his feet, then worshipped him.Who or what are you bowing towards and worshiping?
Connect & Grow in a Group – Join Pastor Rob, Pastor Mike, and Patsy Fleener to learn the basic beliefs of Christianity as part of the What Christians Believe short-term study. You can join the group on Sunday mornings at 11:00 am in Room 200/201. Room 200/201 is at the north end of the building across from the gym/multipurpose room.

Develop as a Disciple – At AUMC, we are striving to be disciples of Christ committed to the few things that matter most. We categorize these things as the 5 Key Commitments, which are expressions of loving God, self, and others. With that in mind, AUMC disciples of Christ Worship God, Connect & Grow in Groups, Serve & Give to Meet Needs, Invest in the Disconnected & Invite Them to Believe, and Develop & Deploy Disciples. If you’re unsure which commitment to focus on right now, simply pray, “God, which commitment do I need to focus on this week? Enabled by your grace and empowered by your Spirit, help me to do what you want me to do to grow more mature as 21st-century disciple of Jesus. Amen.