Your Faith Journey 26

Your Faith Journey
Worship GodMatthew 28:16-17 reveals that when Jesus’ disciples saw their resurrected teacher, friend, Messiah, and Savior on the mountain in Galilee where he had told them to go, “they worshiped him.” Where is Jesus telling you to go? When do you feel closest to Christ? How do you respond when you’re in His presence?
Connect – Enjoy a FREE lunch as you meet others who are new to the church at the Newcomer Luncheon next Sunday (5/19) at 12:00 pm in the AUMC Fellowship Hall. Let someone at the Welcome Desk know you are planning to attend or contact the church office to RSVP at 317-272-4068.
Develop as a Disciple – To grow closer to God, you’re encouraged to designate a time and place to be alone with Him praying and studying scripture on a daily basis. Consider reading the eyewitness account of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection in the New Testament of the Bible known as Mark or a daily devotional. Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling and Jesus Always are both great options for daily devotionals to help you connect your heart, mind, and spirit with the living Christ through the Spirit of God.