Your Faith Journey 27

Your Faith Journey
Worship God – In Acts 13, we read that as multiple church leaders in Antioch were fasting and worshiping together one day the Holy Spirit spoke to them. Do you come to worship services expecting God to reveal a message to you through the Holy Spirit?
Serve & Give to Meet Needs – Jesus’ story of the Good Samaritan illustrates the Key Commitment of Serving & Giving to Meet Needs as an expression of loving others (Luke 10). Look for your opportunity to serve others and give to bless those in need this week. Maybe one of your neighbors where you live needs you to take the time to see their need and meet it.
Develop as a Disciple – As a disciples of Jesus, learn from those ahead of you on their faith journey, encourage Christians walking beside you, and guide new believers behind you. You only need to be a step ahead of the person behind you to lead them towards Christ. Remember that you can’t lead others where you are not going. To lead others to grow closer to Christ, you have to be following Him and growing closer to Him.