Your Faith Journey 28

Your Faith Journey

Worship God – Acts 2:46 reveals that the earliest Christians were so full of joy, awe, and gratitude for everything that God had done that they worshiped daily. We can follow their example by worshiping God throughout the week when we are working, at home, in the car, as well as at AUMC during worship services.

Invest in the Disconnected – Who is your family member, friend, co-worker, or neighbor that doesn’t believe in God or is disconnected from church, yet God wants you to foster a deeper relationship with them so that they can take a step closer to Jesus with your help? Consider inviting that person or those people to share meals with you and your spouse, or friends, this summer.

Develop as a Disciple – It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the never-ending lists of things to do. Jesus explained that loving God, self, and others are more important than anything else on your to-do-list (Matthew 22:34-40). With that in mind, what things are you giving up to do what matters most? Perhaps you need to create a “stop doing list.” Bob Goff, the author of Love Does, quits doing something each Thursday. Maybe you should too.