Your Faith Journey 33

Your Faith Journey

Serve & Give – Below are various ways to put love into action by serving & giving to meet needs in July as we continue Caring for Our Community:
1. Serve homeless families in Hendricks County through our partnership with Family Promise as we host three families in the AUMC parsonage June 30th through July 7th. We need help providing dinners, folks to spend evenings with the families, and overnight volunteers to stay at the parsonage in case of an emergency. Visit the AUMC website to sign up to serve!
2. Invest in the children of our church and community as part of Vacation Bible School from July 8th through 12th by going to the church website to sign up at: There are many ways to be involved and serve! June 30th is the final day for online registration. Visit the donation board in the gathering place outside the sanctuary to find a sticky note with needed items that you can donate.

Invest – There is a person in your circle of influence, a family member, friend, co-worker, or neighbor, who is disconnected from Christ. They need you to invest in them. They need you to be the flesh and blood presence of Jesus in their life. Will you spend the time, use the energy, and make an ongoing effort to be a bridge between the person in need within your circle of influence and their Savior?