Your Faith Journey 40

Your Faith

Journey Develop as a Disciple – Last Sunday we focused on the stretcher bearers who carried their paralyzed friend to Christ (Mark 2:1-12). During our lives we all need stretcher bearers and should seek ways to be a stretcher bearer for others. The four men were committed, creative, and courageous about getting their friend to Jesus. We should be, too. This week as we focus on a culture of hospitality within the church, you’re encouraged to read Romans Chapter 12 each day as you pray for God to reveal a word, phrase, or verse that He has for you.
Invest in the DisconnectedYou have a family member, friend, co-worker, or neighbor who needs to hear and experience the I Can Only Imagine series with us in September, beginning on the 8th. Pray about who you are going to invite to join us for weekly worship services.  Pray that God will prepare them to receive the invitation. Pray for God’s messages to be shared clearly through greeters, songs, scripture readings, sermons, recommended resources, and weekly experiences with us at AUMC. Rely upon the Holy Spirit to give you the right words, timing, and way to invite the person you know who needs to recall their past wounds, reorient their present identity, and reimagine their future. During the sermon series we will focus on Imagining a Loving Father, Imagining Forgiveness, Imagining Redemption, and Imagining Going Home. Perhaps the only thing separating your loved one from healing, hope, and the abundant life found in Christ is an invitation from you to help them get to Jesus. Who does God want you to invite?