Your Faith Journey 41

Your Faith Journey  

Develop as a Disciple – Last Sunday we focused on Grace Filled Community and the current created by the Holy Spirit that all believers flow in and with. It is a current that enables us to love God and one another. The movement and work of the Spirit of God creates a Christian culture that surrounds us with the joy, peace, forgiveness, and love of God as part of the church. Consider reading 1 chapter per day of Mark 1 through 6 this week as you pray for God to reveal what it means to be a stretcher bearer for others and part of Jesus’ Grace Filled Community that began nearly 2,000 years ago.
Invest in the DisconnectedHave you invited a family member, friend, co-worker, or neighbor to join us on Sunday mornings for the I Can Only Imagine sermon and small group series? The series begins on September 8th. Rely upon the Holy Spirit to give you the right words, timing, and way to invite the person who needs to recall their past wounds, reorient their present identity, and reimagine their future. During the sermon series we will focus on Imagining a Loving Father, Imagining Forgiveness, Imagining Redemption, and Imagining Going Home. Perhaps the only thing separating your loved one from healing, hope, and the abundant life found in Christ is an invitation from you to help them get to Jesus. Who does God want you to invite?