Your Faith Journey 47

Your Faith Journey

Develop as a Disciple : You were not born as an adult. You grew mentally, emotionally, and physically over an extended period of time. Unfortunately, being a Christian doesn’t guarantee you’ll grow spiritually more mature. You have to be intentional about taking steps each day on your faith journey as a follower of Jesus. Thankfully, there are many resources available to help us to develop holy habits and grow as disciples of Christ. Below are some suggestions:

Books: If you enjoy reading, you may want to read one of the following to help you grow mentally as a believer:                  “The Heart of the Story: Discover Your Life Within the Grand Epic of God’s Story” by Randy Frazee, “Making Sense of the Bible” by Adam Hamilton, “Think, Act, Be Like Jesus: Becoming a New Person in Christ” by Randy Frazee

Daily Devotionals: You’re encouraged to pray and read, or listen, to scripture daily. There are terrific FREE resources online, apps for smartphones, and printed devotionals as well. Here are three FREE options: “Our Daily Bread”, “The Upper Room”, “YouVersion Bible App”

Download the SmartPhone Apps from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Below are the websites to learn more:,,

Music: Consider listening to Christian songs daily via a local radio station:

101.9 (KLove)

90.5 (Air1)

97.9 (Moody Radio)