Your Faith Journey 71

Develop as a Disciple – Lent is a season of 40 days of focus on Christ and preparation for celebrating the resurrection of our Savior. The season begins on Ash Wednesday (2/26) and ends on the Saturday (4/11) before Easter. You are encouraged to observe the Lenten season through Worship and Prayer, Giving Something Up, Spending Time with God, Serving, or Practicing Lent Together. As you “Give Time to God” each day, consider reading through Mark’s account of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection using the weekly Bible reading plan below. During your daily time with the Lord, you are encouraged to pray before and after you read the Bible verses.
3/30 – Pray. Read Mark 9:14-32, then pray in response to what you read.
3/31 – Mark 9:33-50
4/1 – Mark 10:1-12
4/2 – Mark 10:13-16
4/3 – Mark 10:17-31
4/4 – Read Mark 10:32-45 in the morning. Read Mark 10:46-52 in the evening.
For a complete version of the Gospel of Mark reading plan for Lent 2020 visit the church website
If you do not own a Bible, or you want the convenience of having the Bible on your smart phone or tablet, download the YouVersion Bible App from the Apple App Store or Google Play.