Your Faith Journey 72

Develop as a Disciple – You are invited to walk closely with Jesus during the final week of the Lenten season as we continue the journey with Christ focusing on the final week of his life. During your daily time with the Lord, you are encouraged to pray before and after you read the Bible verses.
4/5 – Pray. Read Mark 11:1-11, then pray in response to what you read.
4/6 – Mark 11:12-19
4/7 – Mark 11:20-12:44
4/8 – Mark 13:1-14:11
4/9 – Mark 14:12-72
4/10 – Mark 15
4/11 – Seek a quiet place to sit and “Be still before the LORD, and wait patiently for him,” as you reflect upon the journey with Christ through the past week and Lenten season (Psalm 37:7 NRSV). Let your heart and mind anticipate the celebration of his resurrection tomorrow morning.
For a complete version of the Gospel of Mark reading plan for Lent 2020 visit the church website