Your Faith Journey 73

Just as the journey wasn’t over for Jesus’ first-century disciples after Resurrection Sunday, our faith journey is far from over. Discipleship is a life-long journey of walking with Christ towards maturity and unity with other believers for the sake of the world. “Maturity” means becoming more like Christ. To do that, we have to know what Jesus taught, did, and commanded. Christ explained that of the 613 commandments in the Hebrew Scriptures, that loving God with our Heart, Soul, Mind, and Strength is most important. But he also included the commandment to “love your neighbor as yourself” along with it (Mark 12:31). During the coming weeks as we continue walking by faith as we follow the resurrected Jesus, we’re leaving our fears behind as we take daily steps to love God, self, and others. You are invited to use the Your Faith Journey section of the Worship Guide as a weekly checklist to help you remain on the path of the abundant life Christ offers (John 10:10). You can download the April 19th Worship Guide from the Avon UMC website:
The Your Faith Journey Bible verses for this week are listed below:
Sunday (4/19)
Today I’m offering God ____________________________________________.
During the worship service God revealed _________________________________________________.
Monday (4/20) – Read Luke 5:1-11 and pray in response to what you read.
Tuesday (4/21) – Read John 20:1-18 and pray in response to what you read.
Wednesday (4/22) – Read John 20:19-25 and pray in response to what you read.
Thursday (4/23) – Read John 20:26-31 and pray in response to what you read.
Friday (4/24) – Read John 21:1-14 and pray in response to what you read.
Saturday (4/25) – How did you see, hear, or encounter God during this past week?
Who needs to hear about your experience sometime in the coming days?