Your Faith Journey 79

On the day of Pentecost the Spirit of God came like a mighty wind and the believers “were all filled with the Holy Spirit” (Acts 2:3 ESV). A crowd of thousands of people in Jerusalem were “amazed and perplexed” by what they experienced that day. Peter quickly addressed the crowd and informed them that the resurrected Jesus had sent the Spirit of God, just as he had promised. The response to Peter’s message was a question, “what should we do?” (Acts 2:37 TLB). Their question applies to each of us no matter if we are a believer or not. What should we do? If you have not placed your faith in Jesus Christ, what should you do? If you are a Christian that knows the Spirit of the Living God dwells in you, what should you do in response to Jesus’ commission (Matthew 28:18-20) and commandments (Matthew 22:34-40)?


You can download the Worship Guide from the Avon UMC website:


The Your Faith Journey Bible verses for this week are listed below:


Sunday (5/31)

Today I’m going to offering God ____________________________________.


During the worship service God revealed _____________________________



Monday (6/1)

Read Acts 2:1-12 and pray in response to the verses.


Tuesday (6/2)

Read Acts 2:13-21 and pray in response to what you read.


Wednesday (6/3)

Read Acts 2:22-36 and pray in response to what you read.


Thursday (6/4)

Read Acts 2:37-41 and pray in response to what you read.


Friday (6/5)

Read Acts 2:42-47 and pray in response to what you read.


Saturday (6/6)

Reflect upon the past week, and re-read verses or phrases that stood out to you. The following questions may be helpful as you reflect:

How did you see, hear, or encounter God during this past week?


Who needs to hear about your experience sometime in the coming days?