Your Faith Journey 81

Two of Jesus’ disciples were going to the Temple in Jerusalem to pray when their plans were interrupted. A man who was “lame from birth” was at the gate asking for money. The man had no idea that his life was about to be miraculously transformed. Peter and John heard his cry for help, “looked intently at him,” then offered him a helping hand. They did not give him money. Acts 3 reveals that Peter “took him by the right hand and raised him up” (Acts 3:7 NRSV). The story is a reminder that there are people in need of help awaiting Jesus’ followers to acknowledge them, listen to them, then extend a hand to “raise them up” from where they have been to where God wants them to be. The story in Acts 3 reveals the power of the Holy Spirit at work within believers to transform the situation and life of a man in need. This is a season in our nations history for all Christians to be listening to cries for help and extend a helping hand to raise others up as the power of God works through us to transform individuals, communities, and our country. For those who are white, this is a time to listen to minorities, especially our black and brown neighbors, then do something to help.


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The Your Faith Journey Bible verses for this week are listed below:


Sunday (6/14)

Today I’m going to offering God ____________________________________________________.


During the worship service God revealed _______________________________________________________________________.


Monday (6/15)

Read Genesis 28:10-22 and pray in response to the verses.


Tuesday (6/16)

Read Exodus 3:1-12 and pray in response to what you read.


Wednesday (6/17)

Read Deuteronomy 18:15-22 and pray in response to what you read.


Thursday (6/18)

Read 1 Peter 5:10 (Jesus’ message to his disciples) and pray in response to what you read.


Friday (6/19)

Read Acts 3:12-26 and pray in response to what you read.


Saturday (6/20)

Reflect upon the past week, and re-read verses or phrases that stood out to you. The following questions may be helpful as you reflect:

How did you see, hear, or encounter God during this past week?


Who needs to hear about your experience sometime in the coming days?


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