What is the Avon UMC Endowment Fund?

The Endowment Fund is invested in mutual funds and money market funds that will increase in value from capital gains, dividends and interest over time. Only a small percentage of the Endowment Fund (for example, 5%) is distributed each year to support selected church ministries. In this way, the principal value of the Endowment Fund can grow allowing more monies to be distributed in the future. This is why a gift to the Endowment Fund is a gift that keeps on giving!

How is the Fund managed?

The AUMC Endowment Fund Committee oversees the investment of gifts and the annual distributions of the Endowment Fund, in accordance with the Endowment Fund Charter and designations of the donors. Each year distribution allocations are made based on a percentage of the fund’s value taken from a 5-year rolling average.   

The Committee invests new donations and Fund assets through the United Methodist Foundation of Indiana, Inc., which manages the investment accounts of over 150 United Methodist churches in Indiana. This allows the Committee to efficiently invest the funds using professional money managers and ensures portfolio diversification. All investments through the Foundation comply with the United Methodist socially responsible investment principles. The Foundation also offers free advice and services to persons interested in donating stocks, bonds or real estate or those wishing to include the Avon UMC Endowment Fund in their estate plan.


How can I give?

Large or small donations to the Endowment Fund can be made anytime simply by making a gift to Avon UMC and designating that the gift is for the Endowment Fund.

A popular way is to remember a deceased friend or fellow parishioner with a gift to the Endowment Fund or by honoring family or friends on their birthday or other special occasions with a gift to the Fund. Greeting cards and instructions are available in the Avon UMC Gathering Place and instructions are available HERE.

Gifts included through estate plans are also welcome and encouraged!  Parishioners and friends of Avon UMC can leave a lasting legacy through their estate plans while retaining full use of their assets while living through the AUMC 1832 Heritage Society.

Estate Plan gifts might include:

  • Bequests in wills
  • Directives in trusts
  • Retirement fund assets
  • Certificates of deposit
  • Savings accounts
  • Life insurance
  • Cash
  • Property (acceptable to the church)

Note: absent special circumstances, all gifts will eventually be converted to cash for investment

Can I designate how my gift is used?

Gifts can (but need not) be designated to one of four sub-accounts:

Property, Missions, General, or the Pastor Karen Devaisher Scholarship

The Mission Fund targets local church and community mission projects while the Property Fund designations are used for improvements, additions, or construction of physical facilities not included in regular budgets.

The General Fund is designated for any and all other church ministries as needed. 

The Pastor Karen Devaisher Scholarship Account provides assistance to our members in pursuit of becoming a United Methodist Minister, attending Youth Summer Christian camps, and continuing Christian educational assistance for church staff, lay leaders, or other church Christian educational initiatives.

Gifts of $5,000 or more can be designated for another church need identified by the donor, conditioned on the approval of the Endowment Committee. 

How will Fund distributions be spent?

Avon UMC committee chairs can request funds from the Endowment Committee each year.  Typically, the requests approved by the Endowment Committee involve expenses for church purchases or ministries not included in the normal annual budget expenses of the church. Over the years, the Endowment Fund Committee has approved funding requests for dozens of special church purchases or ministries.

Additional information can be found in the Fund Charter and is available in the church office.

Is my donation tax deductible?

With few exceptions, the answer is “yes”.  Please discuss with your tax advisor.

Why should I give?

A gift to the Avon UMC Endowment Fund is a tangible testimony of faith and commitment to the spirit and grace of God, your church family, your children, and beyond.

Each gift is a seed planted to help ensure the continuation of our faith and Christian values!  Thank you for your Christian stewardship!

Need more information?

Contact the church office or Deane Duncan at (317) 709-0035 or myttonka@sbcglobal.net.