Hearts to Hands Ministry

Prayer Shawl

Prayer Shawl & Blanket Ministry

Hearts to Hands is a knitting, crocheting, and sewing ministry. Shawls and blankets are knit, crocheted and sewn with prayers, blessings or wishes in mind for the recipients. Specifically, the person sewing the shawl or blanket prays into their stitches so that the recipient might be comforted and be aware of God’s presence in their daily lives. The Pastoral Staff gives the shawls and blankets to people in need of spiritual comfort.

Card Attached

A card is attached to each completed blanket and shawl, letting the recipient know they are special to God and that they have been prayed for specifically while the blanket or shawl was being created. These gifts are offered in love.

The Final Touch

When a person has been identified as a person who will receive a prayer shawl or blanket, it is placed on a table made and designed for the purpose of displaying the shawl or blanket in our sanctuary on Sundays during our worship services. Those present are asked to pray for the person while touching the shawl or blanket.  In this way our entire congregation is lifting up the person in need.

How YOU can help:

  • Knit or crochet a prayer shawl at home (we can provide pattern) or sew the edge of a blanket.
  • Donate money for the purchase of yarn or fleece
  • Donate 1 ½ yards of plaid or child-themed fleece
  • Donate 3 skeins of washable, soft yarn in a color of your choice (yarn can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Hobby Lobby, and Michael’s)
  • Let us know of someone in spiritual need who could use the comfort of a prayer shawl or blanket as a physical reminder of being wrapped in God’s love.




Turban Ministry

This project came to us from Guide Posts magazine. It was started in Community United Methodist Church in Daytona, Florida in March 2000 and has since gone worldwide. We have been making and donating them at our church since 2002.

The turbans are cut out and sewn by members of our congregation and other friends who are willing to help. They are made for cancer patients and are delivered to a local oncologist’s office out of HendricksRegionalHospital.  Usually around 250-300 turbans are delivered at a time. When the ministry first started, turbans were delivered about twice a year. At the present time, some are generally delivered about every three months. There are eight other offices the oncologist’s office distributes them to, including EagleHighlands, and St. Vincent’s. Each turban is labeled with a sticker saying, “A Gift of Love from Avon United Methodist Sewing Group”. When the turbans arrive at the oncologist’s office, they are put into a basket, and the patients can take as many as they would like. Again, they are donated. Requests for turbans come almost weekly from people at church and in the community who know that we are involved in making them, for friends, co-workers, family, etc…

This is just such a rewarding way to give to people in need, it cannot be explained. Whenever we take the turbans to the hospital, the nurses tell us how much they are appreciated.  We have received thank-you notes and Christmas cards from recipients as well as pictures of the patient wearing the turban. It’s a good feeling to know you are making their days a little brighter and just letting them know that you care.

The people of our church have been very generous in donating many hours of sewing, material and money (to purchase material) to make the turbans, as this ministry continues to grow. We are truly blessed with a giving congregation.

Remember the words of our Lord, “It is more blessed to give than to receive” Acts 20:35