Your Faith Journey 11

Worship – Do you love God? How are you showing the Lord that you love Him?

Connect – Not only did God design us for life with other people, but we believe that life is better together. You can get to know others within the church and take steps along your faith journey                   by joining a LOVE DOES small group. Sign up to be part of a group either at the Welcome Desk or online at The first group session will be next week (8/12 – 8/18).

Develop – Who are the spiritually mature people teaching and leading you along your faith journey? Who are the Christians you are intentionally walking beside as you take steps to grow as a disciple? Who are the students you’re training and guiding to follow Jesus because of your example? As 21st-century disciples of Jesus Christ, we all need a teacher/leader we’re following, Christian friends we’re walking beside, and students we’re training/guiding.