Your Faith Journey 80

Immediately after the day of Pentecost, when the believers became filled with the Holy Spirit, the community of Christians began to live their lives guided by God’s will revealed through the Spirit, the teachings of Jesus, and the experience of life together as the newly formed church. They were committed to Christ, which included loving God and one another. The description of life for the earliest believers is a living example of what the church could and should be. They were devoted to Jesus’ teachings and commandments, life together, sharing meals, prayer, living generously, worshiping God daily, and leading others to Christ (Acts 2:42-47). For Avon UMC to become an Acts 2 kind of church for our community and the world, we have to share the same commitments as the earliest Christians. What needs to change in your life so that you can be committed to experiencing life within the church as it could and should be? What needs to change in your life to enable our community and world to encounter the transforming power of Christ through AUMC?
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The Your Faith Journey Bible verses for this week are listed below:
Sunday (6/7)
Today I’m going to offering God ____________________________________________________.
During the worship service God revealed ____________________________________________________
Monday (6/8)
Read Luke 5:17-26 and pray in response to the verses.
Tuesday (6/9)
Read Luke 10:1-9 and pray in response to what you read.
Wednesday (6/10)
Read Acts 3:1-11 and pray in response to what you read.
Thursday (6/11)
Read John 14:12-14 (Jesus’ message to his disciples) and pray in response to what you read.
Friday (6/12)
Read Acts 9:32-42 and pray in response to what you read.
Saturday (6/13)
Reflect upon the past week and re-read verses or phrases that stood out to you. The following questions may be helpful as you reflect:
How did you see, hear, or encounter God during this past week?
Who needs to hear about your experience sometime in the coming days?
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